Winner at the 2010 Presentation of the B.I.D. International Star Award for Quality in Geneva Paradise Garden Boracay.

From the Philippines, Gerard Pena, Executive Vice President, stood before the diverse gathering to illustrate the achievements of Paradise Garden Boracay. B.I.D. presents this trophy to those companies around the world that best adhere to excellence and innovation in their practices, putting quality first. Because of its efforts in continous improvement - striving for constant change instead of just accepting the status quo - Paradise Garden Boracay was named a winner of the 2010 International Star Award for Quality.

The noteworthy commitment to quality, excellence and innovation of Paradise Garden Boracay, and the Philippines, was awarded alongside other international companies. The example of Paradise Garden Boracay has shown to others that widh to continuously progress in the ver changing, increasingly challenging economic, technologival and business environment both in the Philippines and on an international level. Through its spirit of innovation. and recieving the International Star Award for Quality, others are inspired to take up the same high standards of quality.

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